When is Insulation Required on Air Ducts?


Air ducts are the essential system in any building. It is a network of tubes in floors, walls, and ceilings that carry the air from the central air conditioner and building’s furnace to every room. Insulation is required on the air ducts to save from dust and debris.

These are made of fiberglass, sheet metal, or other materials. For its proper functioning, It is needed that these ducts are insulated correctly.

Purpose of Insulation :

Its main aim is to ensure air moving by the duct system at the desired temperature without any leakage. So, air leaks and energy losses. In return, the HVAC will have to work more. Insulation is the significant thing to save from variance in temperature.

When the system operates properly, the temperature is maintained. Then, insulation can also prevent condensation. Sometimes, ducts leak and lose some heat.

It will resolve easily by protecting the ducts with insulating material. It can also be found in a sealed and insulated chase extending into the attic or built into raised floors.

Kinds of Ductwork Insulation:

The most common type is fiberglass.

 1.Fiberglass Insulation:

There are the following characteristics:

  • Affordable
  • Replaceable
  • soaks up
  • Easily install

2.Reflectix (duct wrap):

  • Reliable
  • They are composed of foil which is enclosed between polyethylene.
  • Lightweight
  • Having an R-value of 5.6


Requirements of the Insulation:

It increases thermal performance and decreases the rate of thermal loss, and the air will need more heating or cooling for entering the design supply air temperature. It will avoid condensation and leaking.

In addition to this, the cost of insulation is more. Its purpose is to save ducts. Besides sealing the ducts, it will check that furniture and other objects in the building will not block the airflow.

It also gives noise control. The insulation must be easy to clean and is free of dust and dirt. It is mandatory for public health.

Following are the basic requirements of the ductwork system:

  • Heating and cooling the air
  • Moisturizing or non-moisturizing the air
  • Cleaning the air

Generally, the ductwork is classified as follows:

  • Exterior
  • Supply
  • Departure
  • Exhaust

Benefits of Insulation:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Enhance energy efficiency
  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce the risk of mold growth
  • Healthy environment
  • Stop leakage

Air Duct Cleaning Buford:

Cleaning is essential for the ductwork system. It will seal due to dust, debris, and other harmful particles. Rodents, insects, or mold growth also damage the system. So, cleaning lowers the effect of allergens and irritants.

It decreases the cost of air conditioning and improves airflow. Most importantly, it ensures healthy and clean surroundings, which is vital for good health. Air Duct Cleaning in Buford has great importance in this regard.

Some people consider that cleaning is just a waste of money. Further, many companies do not favor it without knowing its benefits. Cleaning the system is very important, just like cleaning the home. So, everyone should take it seriously.

HVAC Cleaning Buford:

HVAC cleaning is the best solution for healthy living. For this purpose, one should consult HVAC Cleaning in Buford. Duct cleaning is an excellent solution for specific needs in your home. But the best solution is to perform routine maintenance. Moreover, there are the following items that should be covered in the HVAC cleaning service:

  •  Air Filter
  • Furnace Components
  • Plenums
  • HVAC Ducts
  • Grills                                                                                                                                         

The most crucial benefit is energy savings. Besides, the HVAC system works more to maintain temperature. More than 25 percent of energy is wasted, according to the U.S Department of Energy. When the HVAC system is cleaned, it will use less energy. So, it reduces the cost.

Another benefit is improving indoor air quality. Air pollutants, e.g., dust, will pull into the system and recirculate again and again per day. So, It is necessary to get rid of these dirty particles by cleaning the HVAC system. Moreover, when air quality is better, it will ensure a more healthy and comfortable environment. It is a good step towards healthy living.

Advantages of servicing the HVAC:

The advantages of servicing the HVAC unit include:

  • Energy efficient
  • Reduce mold growth


Most importantly, it ensures healthier and cleaner surroundings. It is vital for good health. It has great importance in this way. Without cleaning, it will cause many serious problems. People should do proper cleaning for a healthy environment.

If your ducts are not insulated, anyone will pay way more than heat and warm the building. And since your HVAC system will require more work to power through the thermal loss (or gain) that’s going on in your ducts;

There should be a replacement sooner if you had insulated ducts. They will affect due to the difference in temperatures such as cold, heat, and humidity.

The ducts should distribute air throughout the building. It is also necessary to ensure the insulation’s foil surface is free of dirt and dust before applying the tape. They are shielded from condensation and give a secure shield around the ductwork.

It comes with several benefits. Since insulation has a lower risk of mold growth, the air that comes through the AC’s return vents will be cleaner. Clean air also assists with reducing allergies.

Hence, it should decrease the need to reduce breakout noise from installations. Most importantly, these will be insulated for condensation control. So, insulation is crucial for clean and healthy surroundings.

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