What A Time Lyrics

What a Time Lyrics

What a time lyrics by Julia Michaels are about missing the person you once loved. Julia sings sweetly about a time when you both shared a lot of good times. She runs back to a memory of that time and describes a starry night, the cold wind, and the fresh grass in the park. Throughout the song, she describes how she feels loved, and she reflects on how the two of them feel about each other now.

Julia Michaels

“What a Time” is a song by American singer Julia Michaels, who is also known as Juicy J. The song is a love song and features the singer as the co-star of British singer Niall Horan. Julia Michaels sings both the verses and the chorus of the song, and describes the intimate moments they share. Despite being a pop song, Julia Michaels’ performance is reminiscent of the classic love songs from the 1970s.

Niall Horan

The lyrics of Niall Horan’s latest single “What a Time” capture the intense feelings associated with a breakup. The vocal harmony between Julia Michaels and Niall Horan is perfection. The music video for “What a Time” was released on 7 February 2019.

Pink Floyd

“What a time,” a song by Pink Floyd, begins with a ticking clock that reminds the listener that time is passing. The song ends with a solo drum play lasting two minutes, showcasing the band’s signature huge beats. David Gilmour’s vocals start out with just a hint of hype, acknowledging the passing of time. Although the song is about time and death, it does not focus on a specific period or person.

Life cycle

If you’re a fan of life cycles, you’ll probably enjoy the Life Cycle Song. The song helps children learn about plant, animal, and insect life cycles, as well as metamorphosis. It has been written by Lauren Mayer, and we’ve obtained her permission to share it with you. The lyrics are below the video. Hopefully, they’ll inspire your students to learn more about their favorite topics. This song has been a hit with children for many years.

chasing after the sun

The Wanted’s new single ‘Chasing the Sun’ has several meanings. First, it’s the theme song for the new Ice Age movie, Continental Drift. The video features the band standing on blocks of ice in the Arctic Ocean. The lyrics to ‘Chasing the Sun’ are also from the film, and they feature the band on a computer-generated ice block.

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