Under the Oak Tree — read online

Under the Oak Tree – Read Online

Under the Oak Tree – read online is a webtoon that’s based on a hit Korean webnovel. Written by Kim Suji and illustrated by P, the story is a charming, mature love story. Despite its mature content, the story has great art and a nice color scheme that emphasizes mood, tone, and a fictional setting. If you’re looking for an interesting webtoon that’s both visually stunning and entertaining, Under the Oak Tree is worth reading.

This webtoon has a male lead, and is based on the novel. The story ends with a wedding, but Maximilian’s father pressures him to get married anyway. The ending of the webtoon is bittersweet, as it asks the reader to accept and support the marriage. Maximilian’s father has never shown any affection to his daughter, so he doesn’t want to see her bare.

Riftan Calypse hasn’t seen his bride, Maximilian, since their wedding night. His rumored divorce has caused Maximilian to have a very low self-esteem. To prevent this from happening, she must make him see the truth about her and his past, or else he’ll take her away with him. The plot is gripping, and the reader’s emotions are sure to be swept away by the book.

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