7 Tricks and Tips About Invisalign You Don’t know

7 Tricks and Tips About Invisalign You Don’t know

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Tips About Invisalign. The power of a simple smile goes beyond flashing your teeth. Yeah, a smile is absolutely the first thing people will notice about you. It helps you maintain a lively attitude while communicating with people.

But some persons are so self-conscious about their teeth that they hardly smile. Unbelievably right? Holding back your smile makes you lose out on the benefits of enjoying every interaction you engage in.

Interestingly, some persons in spite of having crooked teeth and not smiling are taking advantage of Invisalign braces to restore their smile. To that effect, there are certain Invisalign tips you should consider to get the most out of your aligners.

Tip number 1: Select a professional orthodontist

A lot of patients may not know the role of an orthodontist in their Invisalign treatment; some even underestimate this role. This is based on the assumption that since all their aligners come from the manufacturer, then there is no need to seek help from an orthodontist. But this is not right! Your orthodontist plays a major part in your treatment. How?

You need an initial consultation with an orthodontist to examine your smile and check your eligibility for Invisalign. Only an orthodontist can do this for you. Next point is that your mouth impressions has to be taken by your orthodontist to ensure you get the correct size of aligners for your case.

Another thing is monitoring your progress. During the period your aligners are moving your teeth, the orthodontist will be checking your progress to see that everything is smooth and your teeth aren’t in danger.

Lastly, after getting your desired results, which of course is a healthier smile, we will give you advice on how to keep up the glow.

So, you can now see that involving an expert orthodontist for Invisalign London is really the best.

Tip number 2: Keep practicing how to speak

Admittedly, Invisalign will change the way you speak; this is inevitable, but remember it’s all about correcting your smile. Although the aligners are nearly invisible, you will agree that having anything in your mouth will definitely affect your speech pattern. This change in speech differs from patient to patient. Based on this, it is best to practice speaking while wearing your aligners.

After getting your aligners, try some speech exercises in your privacy. The more you do, the better you become at getting used to having the aligners on. Certain persons adapt more quickly to the aligners than others. We advise that you be patient with yourself. However, it is a great idea not to start Invisalign treatment prior to having a big presentation or speech.

Tip number 3: Be careful of the seams

First time Invisalign wearers usually experience an odd feeling with the edges of the aligners in their mouth. Most people discover that their tongue keeps brushing against those edges. When your tongue is in constant contact with aligner edges, it can cut your tongue, which can result in painful canker sores.

The good news is that this issue gets better as you take to the aligners. Meanwhile, you don’t have to go through pains or feel something isn’t right. Dental wax can be used to cover the rough edges of the aligners to make them smooth and reduce the risk of cuts.

Tip number 4: Try chewing exercises

You may find your aligners not fitting in perfectly around your teeth at first. This may be so since the whole idea is to reposition your teeth. That being said, there is a way to make your teeth get used to the new aligners: the use of orthodontic chewies. By chewing on these small, soft chewies, your teeth mould to the aligners. That’s not all. Another perk of chewing exercise is it massages your gum and accelerates blood circulation throughout your gums. This is exactly what your mouth needs to have healthy teeth and gums.

Did we mention that chewing exercises can lower gum discomfort? Even if some discomforts are typical when your teeth are being gradually moved, chewies can help reduce whatever pain you feel.

Tip number 5: Treat your sores

Canker sores in the mouth are normal with Invisalign, but it is less of a problem when compared to what can happen with traditional metal braces. In addition to using dental wax to coat the edges like we pointed out above, there are other measures you can adopt to manage a canker sore.

The first option is using an antibacterial mouthwash. While it may cause a stinging sensation on your sore, it will speed up the healing process. Medications that are specifically made for canker sores is another aid you can have. These medications can be purchased over-the-counter and applied to your sores to lower the pain and heal it more quickly.

Tip number 6: Keep track of your progress

The concept of using anything called braces is to hold your teeth in position for a long time so they get used to it. Based on this, your aligners have to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours every day. What about the remaining two hours? This is where wisdom comes in. You need to share these 2 hours among your eating, drinking, and dental care. So it isn’t plenty of time to be without your aligners for 2 hours.

When you give, for instance, 10 minutes for breakfast, 20 minutes to drink coffee, 2 minutes to brush your teeth, 1 minute to drink water, and so on, it becomes hard to keep a straight time. So, get a time tracking system that suits you. It could be anything from a phone app to keeping a simple notepad. The best system to adopt is one that works for you every day.

Tip number 7: Up your dental hygiene

There is no doubt how amazing Invisalign can be, but they still pose some risks when it comes to the health of your teeth. Should there be any particle of food left on your teeth, your aligners will prevent them from leaving the teeth. Plus, the aligners bonded to your teeth creates a more comfortable environment for bacteria to grow, resulting in tooth decay.

For this reason, your top priority when using Invisalign should be maintaining good dental health. Do not miss any brushing or flossing sessions, and include therapeutic mouthwash to your everyday routine.

Another great idea is having a travel-sized toothbrush. You can use it when you are done eating and want to ensure that no food particle remains on your teeth before wearing your aligners.

Achieve great results with Invisalign tips

Invisalign has proven to be one effective way of straightening adult and teenager’s teeth and restoring their smile. It has become so popular that people go for it without hesitation. However, Invisalign is not magic by itself; you need to work out your results by yourself.

And the Invisalign tricks compiled above can help in your quest for achieving a healthier and more beautiful smile.

Should you be interested in getting Invisalign London, feel free to call London Braces on 020 37457520 and book an appointment with any of our orthodontists.

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