Things You Need To Know About Online Contract Management

Monitoring your contract schedule can be hectic, and failing to meet the contract deadline can be disastrous for a company’s financial health. ContractSafe notifies you when a key contractual deadline is approaching, ensuring that you are always prepared well ahead of renewal dates. Finding the relevant document in no time is now a possibility thanks to ContractSafe.

Why ContractSafe?

Before adopting contract safe, you would like to know how reliable and safe ContractSafe is. This software has amazing features that everybody would want to experience. Contractsafe will ensure you do not miss a key deadline. Contractsafe will also offer:

  • Ultimate protection to your documents- Your contracts are extremely precious to you. That is something we at ContractSafe take very seriously. Our cloud-based Contract Management Software is SOC2 accredited and stores your data in Amazon’s AMS ISO 27001 Certified Data Centers with Encryption to keep your interactions entirely secure. Furthermore, our permission system ensures that only the right people have access to each document.
  • Speed searching- You may search any document, including scanned documents, from any location.

The benefits you get to enjoy with contract safe


With our secure, easy-to-use products, ContractSafe’s objective is to eliminate your contract headaches. We concentrate on the important aspects of contract administration that make life easier for you:

  • Everything is in one secure location.
  • Use OCR and a powerful search engine to find what you’re looking for quickly.
  • With simple reminders, you’ll never forget an important date again.
  • Securely share access using roles and permissions that may be changed at any time.
  • DocuSign, SalesForce, Active Directory, Okta, and other major business solutions integrations
  • Get started right away with no need for training or implementation.
  • Turnkey services to help you set up your existing contracts.
  • Excellent customer service to assist you with any questions you may have

Many of our clients are used to working with shared folders and Excel spreadsheets. They find the transfer to our system simple, and they get all of the above benefits. Others choose to downgrade from more complicated contract management solutions. They’ve discovered that, despite its sophistication and bells and whistles, most individuals are either unable to utilize it or are quite frustrated. Leading firms in various industries, including health care, hospitality, biotech, finance, real estate, technology, consumer products, oil and gas, education, aviation, and others, are among our customers.

Contact safe features

  1. Capabilities for Keyword Searching- Searching for keywords is simple and intuitive. Use keyword(s) to find a contract, report, or document, just like you would on Google. You can search as broadly or as narrowly as you’d like for exact match phrases.
  2. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) -You can find the perfect document with just a few keywords. All of your scans are organized into a searchable index. You can search not only within a document but also across all documents in the database.
  3. Sort and Filter Important Data- Create custom fields with ease and keep track of them. Key contact information is reported and displayed clearly and concisely. With a single click, you may download it to Excel.
  4. Dashboards can be customized- Access the most recent contracts, reports, and data right away. The user has complete control over the design. Dashboards can be as detailed or as simple as you want them to be.
  5. Assign Tags and Folders- Assign documents to relevant folders to make keeping your contracts organized easier. Drop contracts into their appropriate folders, or assign tags to categorize them conveniently. For good, get rid of name conventions and weird subdirectory setups.
  6. Documents can be accessed from any location- Anywhere you have an internet connection, you can view a contract, report, or file. You can browse and download contracts from your phone if you have mobile connectivity. Keeping in touch when on vacation or business is simple.

These features are powerful on their own, but when combined in an easy-to-use system like ContractSafe, it saves huge amounts of time and money. With ContractSafe, you can immediately put your hands on the right contracts, view the right information, and get instant reports. Now that you know more about our contract management software features, it’s time you made your life easier

Contractsafe inclusion

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 70. Learn why ContractSafe is the best option for clients who are comparing options. Visit www.contractsafe.com/register for online contract management. Set up a demo at www.contractsafe.com/demo to learn more. Hundreds of hours spent flipping through contracts is no longer necessary. Allow our [AI] assistant to do the work for you and save $1,000s.Spend more time on the things that matter at work or home. Your clever new AI tool will astound your pals.

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