9 Essential Steps for Planning a Family Trip During COVID-19

9 Essential Steps for Planning a Family Trip During COVID-19

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This year hasn’t been much as we planned it to be, right? Traveling with your family is the kind of thing that enlightens your bond and empowers your strength as a family, but COVID-19 failed every plan that you made earlier.

With the onset of COVID-19, it is hard to get out of the house and perform the necessary chores of everyday life. Though we have now found some key rules to stay safe from getting infected with Coronavirus, such as wearing a mask among other people, using a hand sanitizer, maintaining social distance, and washing your hands from time to time.

This year has been quite exhausting for every one out there, be it the kids who are forced to stay indoors or adults who stay put so that they and their families can stay safe. Now, since the world is opening up and people are getting back to their routines despite the fact that the risk is not ultimately reduced yet, people are figuring out SOPs and basic guides to keep themselves safe and sound.

Planning a family trip during COVID-19 can be challenging, but once you get to know the 9 essential steps of laying out the entire plan of the trip, you are good to go. Read the following steps thoroughly and go have a great time with your family:

Know about travel restrictions

You need to stay informed about the state, federal and local restrictions of the places that you are planning to visit during your family trip. Check out the requirements that your destination, places that you pass and your home town demands of. For instance, Florida and Hawaii are asking the visitors to spend a quarantine period of 14 days upon arrival. Some of the international borders are closed, such as Barbados and Cambodia. Stay safe and stay informed.

Get a detailed checkup from your doctor

It is suggested to visit your doctor before you leave for your family trip. Today, where COVID-19 has been creating immense panic in the entire world, no matter your age, you must stay up-to-date on vaccines before you travel anywhere else. You can speak to your doctor and ask for the precautionary measures that each family member can take to reduce the risk of getting infected by the coronavirus.

Check everyone’s risk status

According to CDC, people who have health conditions such as elderly people, are much more prone to get affected by COVID-19, and thus, they must limit their travel. You can visit your doctor and ask them about your risk status. If the doctor approves and gives you a go-ahead, go have fun. But, if you are suffering from health illness already, then it’s better to delay the trip.

Pick out your destination wisely

Before picking out your destination, ensure to check out the rate of COVID-19 positive cases in that region. The World Health Organization (WHO) implied that a state must have less than 5% COVID-19 positive cases for visitors to visit. Make your plan flexible and plan for the worst scenario. Since, COVID-19 still exists, there can be a sudden lockdown in the state where you are spending your family vacations, so be prepared.

Book accommodations with less crowd

Social distancing is the key of staying safe from being affected by COVID-19. Since you are planning a family trip during COVID-19, you must ensure to take all the precautions for a safe and sound trip. When you are booking accommodations, make sure that you go for the hotels that do not share elevators, rooms or lounges. Taking along your own pillow cases, sheets and essential items can reduce the risk of getting the coronavirus.

Choose your mode of transportation

Plan out the trip with basic and essential precautionary measures to stay safe with your family. Traveling by airplanes, buses or trains can increase the risk of catching onto the virus because of the crowd and surfaces. It is suggested to opt for a road-trip rather than going somewhere by air. If you can’t travel on your own car, go along with airlines that are following the SOPs strictly, that is leaving middle seats as safe distancing and compulsory masks.

Have a pandemic necessity bag

You must plan for the worst. Keep a pandemic necessity bag with you that includes all the basic items such as hand sanitizer, wipes, masks, gloves, hand soap and health insurance cards. You can pick up some drinks and snacks as you leave so that you don’t have to stop at different stores. You can also keep your own clothes and Drive Jacket is offering some classy leather jackets that can be a hit for this vacation. 

Plan outdoor activities

Avoid crowded places and do not plan indoor activities. It is smart to book everything before-hand. You can plot down the outdoor locations such as destination restaurants, landmarks, hiking tracks etc. and avoid indoor locations such as museums or swimming pools. You can reduce the risk of picking up the virus by avoided indoor places and crowds.

Guide the children about staying safe

If you are traveling with kids during COVID-19, you must stay extra cautious about the precautionary measures. Teach your kids different ways of staying safe during COVID-19. Speak to them about the virus and tell them how washing hands can keep them safe. Tell them what social distancing means and how it can be practiced. Ensure that they understand the measures of keeping themselves safe by not getting any physical contact with anyone on the trip, no handshake or hugs. Protect yourself and your kids from germs and stay safe.

Final Word

COVID-19 has taken over the entire world and made things exhaustively challenging for everyone out there. If you want to release your stress by planning a family trip with your loved ones during COVID-19, make sure to follow the precautionary measures and practice social distancing. Stay safe!

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