Social norms in the perspective of Total role segregation and Total integration of roles

In this article, we examine the social norms of men and women from two perspectives. In this way, you will better understand the social norms of men and women.

Social norms and education

In the view of Total role segregation, education should be gender-based, and achieving high professional competence is essential only for men. But in terms of full integration of roles, education in mixed schools is the same. According to this view, the educational content between the two sexes should be the same and taught in girls ‘and boys’ classes. Therefore, the competence of men and women in education will be considered equal.


In the complete separation of roles, they do not attach importance and value to women’s jobs and social roles in society. According to this view, women’s primary function is not to work and where they work. This view generally considers career advancement to be trivial for women.

As important as it is for men to have a job and a profession, women should think about having a job and a profession, essential for both sexes. The importance of equal career opportunities for men and women is undeniable.

Housekeeping and Social norms

Housekeeping and doing housework and child care in the view of complete separation of roles is one of the primary duties of a woman. It only mentions men’s involvement in household chores.

But according to the full integration of roles, both sexes should do all household chores equally.

Look at your old memories and nostalgia. In ancient times, you will find that housework was entirely the responsibility of women, and women saw this social role as a kind of social norm and did housework alone. Men also worked outside the home according to pre-established customs.

Decision making

The man makes the final decision, and he tells the family which place to choose to live and which school should the children choose to study? Also, the final decision to buy everyday necessities in this view is up to the man.

But this is not the case in terms of total integration of roles. Neither partner, male or female, will have complete control over the decision. Both people express their opinions, and the best decision is chosen based on their views.

According to Geert Hofstede, a psychologist, and social role researcher, most human cultures fall into male or female categories.

The study of masculine culture distinguishes between gender roles and leads men to be confident and stubborn. In this culture, men must focus on material success.

Also, in this culture, women should treat the opinions of men with dignity and gentleness and improve their quality of life.

In women’s cultures, we see that the gender roles and social norms of men and women should be such that both sexes have modesty and kindness in life and strive to improve the quality of life.

Examples of social norms that men and women should pray for

We will give examples of social norms that men and women should observe in society.

About public behavior

When meeting people in any community, try to familiarize yourself with their culture in advance. That way, some of your behaviors will not be misunderstood. This topic is essential for people who want to do business in another country and students migrating to study.

You should also pay attention to standard social norms when confronting other members of society and your compatriots. For example, when shaking hands with people, be confident and smile. Try to make eye contact with men.

When using the phone

It is crucial to learn and follow certain norms when you are with friends or other people and use your mobile phone.

Try to spend time with your friends and family during dinner and do not call or even send messages to other people during this time because this behavior is not good.

Or, if you attend church, you should never talk to other people during church services.

When eating

Sometimes people prefer to go out for lunch or work to enjoy their day more and better. You may also like to spend time with friends, family, and co-workers in your spare time and lunch. But if you ever encounter new customs in a place, try to learn more about different cultures around the world so that your behavior is not considered anti-social behavior. While it may be confusing to encounter new cultures, it is essential to be polite and enjoy attending such gatherings.

Attend class

Social norms that you need to consider in the classroom are essential. Like other students, you probably learned as a child that you have to follow specific social rules to attend class. One of the most important social norms expected of students when attending class is to be polite when talking to classmates and teachers. Also, when teaching, all students should be silent and ask their questions at the right time after teaching.

Social norms are behavioral expectations that individuals must meet in proportion to the situation they find themselves in. Social norms vary in different countries and cultures. Sometimes we see changes in social norms over the years.

If you are in a situation where you could not get enough information about the norms in a particular society, look carefully to get information about the social customs around you and the behavior of those around you.

There are different tips in different communities about choosing and wearing the right clothes for friendly parties instead of formal gatherings with colleagues.


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