Menswear Guide For Either Rain Or Shine! in 2020

Menswear Guide For Either Rain Or Shine! in 2020

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Menswear is one of the most important parts of men’s life. If you have been on seasonal shopping hauls, you must have come across a problem that stylists rarely address. Not everyone can keep up with the evolving trends in the same speed as everyone else. Some take their time appreciating trends and shun the new ways of changing styles brought by fast fashion. 

This need to stick to wardrobe staples and play with the same apparel for at least some time is often found in people fond of vintage apparel. The B3 Bomber Shearling Jacket is one of the original pieces invented right after World War II. When the racers claimed roads and got their bikes out, minimalistic and functional apparel was required. Hence this warm and efficient piece was originated. 

Even though it is a classic item in our wardrobes nowadays, it is still very appreciated for its high-quality design. Similarly, many top layers are absolutely necessary, no matter what season or weather. These are known as our must-haves in any season and should always be present in one’s wardrobe. 

Outer wears carry a certain charm that is rarely achieved by any other pairing. You need to get a grip on your jackets or blazers selection if you want to kill on the streets and formal events. Here is a simple guide about every type of jacket that can be accommodated in multiple seasons to help you navigate through the influx of top-layers in menswear.  

Aviator Jackets or Varsity in Menswear?

Who hasn’t drooled over those typical action hero jackets (especially Tom Cruise’s) we often see in between the stunts? These hardcore attires are crafted from durable materials, usually leather that can withstand the rough tear and wear they have to experience regularly. Aviator jackets like B3 and A2 are not new inventions and have been in the market longer than most of the trends we now know. 

Ever since the trend of comfortable attires picked up speed this season, no one is ready to part ways with this awesome experience. From young ones to adults, aviator jackets are a favorite among every age group for their timeless exterior. Pairing aviators for Menswear is probably the easiest task since they usually come in standard color codes that go with most variations and palettes. 

Your simple casuals can appear in a new light once you master the art of incorporating perfect layers. Varsity jackets, as compared to aviators, are more modern and have a different history. But both of these jackets are usually considered vintage for their rich historical backgrounds. To make these a part of your wardrobe, first select what type of comfort you are looking for. The chic and dapper one or the homey, casual vibes? 

Varsity jackets are quite popular among teenagers and college students as they are comfier and give a much needed nonchalant touch to your plain old casuals. Sticking with either of these apparel will provide you with numerous perks and let you creatively flaunt your style! 

Quilted or Puffer? 

No wonder people get stumped when it comes to choosing between quilted jackets or puffer ones. Puffer jackets are more appropriate in colder seasons as they provide a thick layer that keeps the outfit insulated and warm enough to give you extra mobility. Whereas, quilted is a chic style you can probably pull off in summers as well with a sassy tank top. 

Especially in menswear, the quilted style has a lot of demand since there is little variety in the leather jackets when it comes to minimalistic touches. Other than that, there is no other apparel than top leatherwear that offers flexibility as much as they do. For kickass looks, quilted jackets come in handy to add a rugged persona in any outfit. 

Both of these jackets look extremely attractive to boots and trainers. Depending on the type of day you are going to have, choose your footwear wisely. If it’s cold and you have a puffer jacket on, wear your best-hiking boots to navigate a hill or a small hike. Adventure gear goes smoothly with both options since they all merge and create a highly appreciated testosterone filled style! 

To maximize your casual look with these iconic pieces, you need a couple of solid-colored shirt and plaids. The pattern on pattern might be a mood killer with a quilted style, but it stands out quickly with a puffer. A black quilted jacket might be the most sought out apparel, but other colors are just as vibrant and look equally appealing! 

Tuxedo or Blazer?

The tuxedo fashion is never out of style. From semi-formal gathering to wedding ceremonies, a right tux works magic wherever you wear it. When there is a black-tie event, there is little you can play with, and a tux is a must-have for those nights. Now that the trends have started appearing more of an amalgam of a couple of styles, the basic black tux has been made into something more than just a brooding fashion statement. 

The Kingsman Tuxedo is proof enough that you can even win the red carpet with a vibrant colored tuxedo. The way Eggsy pulled it off shows how effortlessly you can also incorporate styles that might seem a bit unusual at first. After all, staying stagnant with your style is nothing but an offense of a severe nature if you possess a good taste. 

Blazers come in the picture when you have a daytime gathering, and tux feels like an overkill. Printed, patterned and bold colored blazers are the future of the semi-formal fashion. These are a comfortable option for dates, parties and laid back dinners because of the material and stitching style. In short, you do not have to stand in the same manner the whole day unlike you do when wearing a tux. Bringing on creativity is much more comfortable with a blazer than a tux, but the traditional values of a tux are never going to take the charm off of it! 

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