How to Hifz Quran easily

Memorizing the Book could be a sacred similarly as long task that wants regular dedication and pure intentions. One must keep some factors in mind to form this online Book Hifz journey straightforward and easy.

5 sensible tips to Hifz Book simply. Memorizing the Book could be a sacred similarly as long task that wants regular dedication and pure intentions. One must keep some factors in mind to form this online Book Hifz journey straightforward and easy.

5 sensible tips to Hifz Book simply.

To fulfill the dream of Hifz Book with success during a short span of your time, you wish to travel through these five sensible steps that area unit short-listed for your convenience.

1- Keep an equivalent Mushaf throughout for Hifz.

The most sensible tip is to possess an equivalent copy of the Book (Mushaf) throughout the committal to memory method.

The Huffaz United Nations agency has enforced this tip area unit of the read that the visuals area unit imprinted in your mind once you verify the words and repeat them many times. This helps you keep in mind the words simply.

If you retain on dynamic your mushaf, you may be confused relating to the words you’ve got in mind from the previous copy.

2- search for knowledgeable online Hifz teachers.

You cannot learn the Book while not the {assistance} and assistance of a knowledgeable teacher. The Hifz teacher can assist you to succeed in your goals, direct you to the simple ways in which, work on your Tajweed, and can keep you intended.

It is sensible to induce registered in ANy of the on the market on-line Hifz Course wherever you may get a professional to guide you thru.

Your teacher can teach you completely different ways and methodologies of memorizing similarly as retentive the Book forever.

3- Set your Book Hifz goals.

Keep the very fact in mind that not a soul has the flexibility to hifz the full Book. we tend to all have completely different potentials and aptitudes.

So, it’s extremely suggested to explore your aptness and set little goals for yourselves.

Start with the shortest Surah, listen to that, and see however long it took you to con it. Was it onerous or easy?

Then, slowly and steadily move forward, get a facilitator from your teacher to arrange your targets inside the set span of your time. Work thereon and see the miracle happening right away!

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4- Keep rewriting your Book Hifz.

The secret key to success is to stay rewriting your lesson each currently then. Abu Musa Al Ash’ari reportable that Prophet Muhammad SAWW once aforementioned,

“Read the Book frequently. By the one in whose hand Muhammad’s soul is, it escapes from memory quicker than an artiodactyl will from is attachment ropes.”

Riyad As-Salihin

So, keep this basketball shot in mind and revise your learned portion whether or not you’re traveling, in your salat, in leisure, once Fajr (as it’s the foremost blessed time of the day), or whenever you get a while to specialize in your hifz.

perceive that means of the Book verses.

How are you able to get inquisitive about learning one thing you don’t apprehend that means of? If you wish to hifz Book simply while not creating it agitated for yourself, you wish to possess AN overall plan of what the precise Surah talks regarding, what’s the theme, and what Supreme Being SWT is speech communication to you.

Believe me, once understand the that means, you may fancy memorizing the Ayahs as if you’re having a talk along with your Lord.

Impact of the Book Hifz on your life.

If you’re determined to hifz the Book simply, you need to apprehend beforehand what area unit the impacts and effects of the Book and its recitation and committal to memory on your life.

I am light some of them to form you understand the wonders of this Holy Book. It consoles anxious hearts and removes the distress from the dispirited soul. you may resolve several authentic hadiths that stress the recitation of specific Surah that cures and soothes hearts.

This book teaches the United States regarding relations, manners, patience, gratitude, forgiveness, halal deeds, rewards within the hereafter, etc.

Once you improve your information relating to the uncountable impacts of the Book on your life through any of the web Hifz categories, you may have AN inner urge to con the Book or its portion to remain connected to the current book.

Rewards of memorizing the Book.

Allah SWT loves His creation dearly and ne’er misses any likelihood to reward them. Prophet SAWW motivates the United States to be told something from the Book as every single letter is priced ten deeds and even a lot of.

Ibn Al-Abbas reportable that Muhammad SAWW aforementioned,

“He United Nations agency doesn’t con any half from the Book is sort of a ruined house.”

Riyad As- Salihin

So why not con any a part of the Book simply and be among people who are going to be asked by Supreme Being to Recite and Rise, and be exaggerated in rewards with each house servant.

If you’ve got been or wish to be a section of the online Hifz Program, you may conform to the very fact that the lecturers keep you intended by telling you the infinite rewards of committal to memory.


Thus, to wear the crown of Nur (light) on the day of Judgement, hifz Quran, or any of its components by following our tips to form it straightforward. might Supreme Being build it straightforward for all people to induce enlightened with the words of the Holy Book.

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