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If you are living in the beautiful land of Dubai, then you must have familiarity with CHILLER VAN also called freezer or reefer vans. It is a major global transport hub for passengers and cargo. In a tropical climate like that of Dubai, delivery services through refrigerator vehicles ask for more care to prevent quick spoilage of goods, particularly perishable food items like meats that are supplied to local markets and even exported.

Apart from food items, chiller vans or reefer trucks are useful for deliveries of other products too that carry medications, artwork, flowers, perfume, dairy, electronics, etc. So related companies always require or hire such vans, particularly in Dubai for secure product delivery on time.

The idea was succeeded in 1877 for the first time in developing an efficient cooling system for railway wagons for Chicago businesses and meat producers.

Passing from dry-ice to the latest shipment or transportation technology, various ideal cargo vans with its timeless design available easily. Earlier to the evolution of refrigerated transportation, farm products could only last for 50 miles range on the road. Most of the items would spoil before it delivered to the target, mostly because of humidity.


 The Different Refrigerated Vans

There are various types of refrigerated vans in the market based on different

temperature control systems. Let’s have a look,

1: Insulation Van

Insulation cargo vans don’t have a refrigeration system, but they are capable of keeping products cool for a desirable duration. Their 50-millimeter Styrofoam or polystyrene insulation prevents an easy thermal bridge from developing heat by cutting off all possible heat and air entryways when workers seal the cargo. In short, these vehicles are best for transporting cool, long-lived, or non-perishable products.

2: Chiller conversion Van

It’s two in one, means these are insulated vans with a freezer part attached, keeping heat out efficiently while inducing in more cool air to keep temperatures low. So ideal for perishable food and other products like beverages and florists to not require below-zero storage temperatures.

3: Semi-Freezer Vans

Enriched with more exceptional insulation, these can transport frozen eatables and other items that need a freezing point. Around 75-millimeters thick than chiller and insulation vans, these can boast a higher refrigeration capacity. Quick-defrost measures that quash the need for a defrost heater are also added inside them.

4: Full-Freezer Van

This type comprises many features, as present in a semi-freezer, but you can have an additional utility from it. It has thicker, heat-resistant doors and sidewalls which can reduce the inside heat rising as per conduction from the sun’s rays on the metal exterior.

The Demand of Chiller Van Rental In Dubai

To deliver frozen parcels or refrigerated items, many companies have to purchase or hire rental reefer transportation on local, national, and international levels.

Small scale farming businesses that are unable to establish their cold storage chain systems have the fortunate option to outsource their supply to rent cargo vans like HIACE cold vans or reefer trucks from trustworthy rental companies.

The cold chain system has evinced to be key in the trade of perishable products that are exported or imported in the UAE.

The technology for managing the temperature of specialized reefer truck rental or vans plays a focal role in the economic contribution of the Dubai market. The demand for HIACE refrigerated van or reefer truck rental is increasing day by day because of the best services.

According to consultants, Frost and Sullivan, UAE logistics alone are set to grow by 5.7%, covering 500,000 daily meals supply for the venue, 9000 tons of logistical supplies to support the event.

And so this impacts positively on the Dubai transportation market also because of low logistical or operational costs and favorable government policies attracting investors from around the world, marking the region as a gateway to the Arab, Asian, and African markets.

Freezer transportation rental in Dubai is providing excellent coverage and linking the world’s trade centers to Dubai. Here the world’s leading and most advanced reefer fleet is being used for the purpose

For excellent service, the hired transportation companies offer expert and trained staff to make your goals achievable. Along with chiller fleet improvement, reefer experts also maintain the quality of transporting chilled and frozen goods.

Temperature controlled the best system in chiller vans

The refrigeration unit of a reefer depends on external electrical power points like diesel-powered generators which are assembled to the container during road tours. Cool containers are eligible to control the temperature from -65 °C  to 40 °C.

Some refrigerated cargo vehicles are fitted with a water cooling system, but this is a bit of an expensive system. In some rental reefers, both air cooling and water cooling systems are used. Between 41°F f to 135°F is a good temperature zone that minimizes harmful or toxic bacterial growth.

Refrigerated trucks with this system are used in Dubai to transport chilled or frozen stuff. Observation of temperature during reefer transportation either keeps the stuff totally out of danger or passes through safely as soon as possible.

 To maintain food quality during temperature-controlled transportation:

  •  Chilled food is transported at 0-degree centigrade to 5-degree centigrade
  •  Frozen foods delivered transported at less than or equal to -18 degree C.
  •  Hot food should be transported at or above 63 degrees C.

Why Hire gulfcoldtransport.com as a best CHILLER VAN RENTAL IN DUBAI

We are the leading company that delivers your products using the best possible means; We maintain strict supervision during delivery of frozen, chilled, or hot food to faraway areas to prevent eatables from being polluted and infected.

It is our foremost job to observe the temperature danger zone, especially for eatables to prevent disease-causing bacteria. In temperature-controlled delivery, chiller cargo vans, Refrigerated truck rental, or other vehicles used are made sure to be neat and clean according to all hygienic rules to prevent contamination with food poisoning bacteria.

Ready to eat food is always kept separate from raw food material while transportation. Both foods are wrapped properly. And if other chilled items are being delivered in the same fleet, these are kept away from eatables. Our supportive infrastructure that doesn’t lack vital elements of the cold chain system prevents delays and losses.

Drivers of these reefer transport practice adequate personal hygiene and wash their hands properly and regularly. Throughout the travel, the temperature of the portable objects is measured using designated calibrated thermometers and is adjusted properly.

Leaving your logistics requirements in our trusty hands can allow you to focus on your business’s main strengths, instead of getting in sweet about the secure delivery of your perishable goods

We sell quality and get your trust which is our real goal and you get exactly the refrigerator van that fits your requirements.

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