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For your next on-line advertising campaign, consider partnering with Breezy News, a Mississippi-based, award-winning news site. With over 400,000 views per month, Breezy News is a highly-regarded news source and a great value for your advertising dollars. To get started, read on to discover the advantages of breezy news. Listed below are three reasons why your company should consider partnering with Breezy News. They are an excellent option for news advertisers looking to reach a highly targeted audience.

TheSkimm’s breezy tone

TheSkimm is a popular topical newsletter, summing up the day’s biggest stories in a witty, breezy tone. It targets a predominantly female audience. It initially attracted attention for its irreverent tone and willingness to parody pop culture. While the underlying message is worthy, its breezy tone and lack of seriousness may not be for everyone. Here are some of the pros and cons of theSkimm’s breezy tone.

TheSkimm’s breezy tone makes it easier to digest. The email has a professional female Millennial audience eager to consume the content. It is also laid out clearly, with headers and sub-headers. Important stuff is bolded. The content is categorized by category, making it easy to skim through. As a result, theSkimm is a valuable source of daily business news for busy millennial women.

Easy-to-digest format

An easy-to-digest news format makes reading the news a snap. This type of news email has a consistent format that’s easy to read on a mobile device. Instead of including images, bullet points, and numbered lists, the content is grouped together in a single email and prioritized accordingly. It also uses fewer words, avoiding a heavy use of images. For example, a digest email can contain a handful of articles, making it easier to scan the content.

You can even email the news digest to yourself or a group of people. All you have to do is change the permissions for the digest, and select who can send it. You can also change the look of the header area, summary area, and images. Once you’ve selected the stories you’d like to share, hit “Send news digest” and an email will be sent. A news digest will be sent to the recipients you’ve specified.

Accurate reporting

For those who care about the integrity of the news media, you can count on Accurate reporting on Breezy News. They have won numerous awards, including one from the Associated Press and another from the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters. Their website receives over 400,000 page views per month, making them a valuable source of information. If you’re interested in buying advertising space on their website, read on to learn more about the benefits of advertising with them.

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