Arabic To English Language Translate Services In Dubai in 2020

Arabic To English Language Translate Services In Dubai in 2020

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Before diving into the demand of Arabic to English language translation services in Dubai, let’s have some knowledge about the Arabic dialect.

It’s the language of over 422 million people.180 million are native Arabic speakers. It is an official language of 27 States. It is the 5th, most widely spoken language around the globe. Along with English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Chinese, Arabic is the sixth official dialect of the United Nations. 

About Arabic dialect

Arabic is an

  •  Ancient language, 
  • First spoken by Prophet Ismail, the son of Prophet Ibrahim.
  • “Ya’rab” is considered as the father of the Arabic language.
  • It has many dialects like Modern Arabic, Gulf Arabic, Maghrebi Arabic, Levantine Arabic, Standard Arabic, Egyptian Arabic.
  • Even native speakers find it difficult to understand the other dialect.
  • In the Middle East, most of the countries have a Muslim population and their official language is Arabic.
  • Although Arabic is the language of God, Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), and Quran but all the Arabic speakers are not Muslims.

Importance of Arabic to English translation

Dubai has numerous international businesses and tourists. Over 75% of the people in Dubai are expatriates speaking different languages, including English. Different companies in Dubai use English as lingua franca for efficient and effective communication.

Arabic to English translation in Dubai is extremely important in the business domain, particularly in

  • Real estate, industries, energy, construction, and technology.
  • For trade, finance, and international relations.
  • For communication in the workplace
  • Business communication like presentations, negotiations, meetings, socializing, correspondence, report writing, small talk, and a systematic approach.  

English translation service in Dubai is a way to access better jobs, migration opportunities, business, and tourism. 

Why Hire Arabic to English Language Translator in Dubai

Dubai is a multicultural, cosmopolitan city. This fantasyland is captivating more and more multilingual tourists. English is evolving as the most popular language in Dubai as it was also discussed in the Dubai Strategic Plan for 2015. Resultantly the need for a translation assistant for both written and verbal communication is booming in Dubai.

Government offices and affairs are conducted in Arabic, and rules and laws are published in this dialect. You would definitely need a translator or interpreter for effective business communication, official documents, and medical facilities.

Although English is the common language for communication, on the official, legal, and financial level you need proficient and highly skilled translators who can do word transition. Translators transcribe the documents preserving the tone, style, intention, and accurate meaning of the source language into the desired language.

Although machine translation is also being popular Arabic to English Machine Translation system can be a significant challenge due to the large number of ways to express the same sentence in Arabic. The ordering features can make mistakes and cause analysis problems at the source language level and generation problems at the target language level. Human translation is still more reliable.

Types of Arabic To English Translation Services in Dubai 

Marketing translation

When a company expands its business or launches a brand in new markets it needs campaigns, ad copy, website, brochures, and other promotional materials. It calls for translators to bridge the lingual gaps. Marketing staff is culturally sensitive and needs

  • High proficiency in the native language is needed to translate the intent, impact, and meanings of the message
  • Targets the localization effect for that region.
  • Marketing content requires a higher level of creativity in word transition.

Web localization plays an important role in a business. It is a process of redesigning an existing website to a local language. It has become a  primary tool for business global expansion. 

Medical translations

Along with the facilities of medical tourism, there come many language problems and a variety of challenges. For the care and treatment of patients who speak another language, the medical translator matters a lot. As it deals with human life, medical documents are much more important. So it needs high-quality language accuracy in transition by using a glossary of terms 

This service is required for

  • Documents concerned to the domain of medicine
  • The transition of literature and labeling for medical devices or pharmaceuticals 
  • Reports for clinical trials
  • Training materials
  • Medical bulletins
  • Drug data sheets
  • Marketing of medical devices
  • Patient records
  • Prescriptions
  • In reviewing medical histories of the patients
  • Medical history and diagnoses etc.

It expects high efficiency, specification, and quality. It needs an error-free assurance process and multi-tiered quality check. The translator must be fluent in medical terminology.

Legal translation

Legal translation is the type used for legal purposes. It may also indicate that it is a specific type of translation only used in law, which is a culture-dependent subject field. It is not inevitably linguistically transparent. Linguistic structures that are often established in the source language may have no identical structures in the target language

While going through a legal proceeding, foreigners need accurately translated documents. So legal translators mostly seek information from specialized bilingual or polyglot law dictionaries.  But it needs a lot of care because some of the poor quality law dictionaries lead to mistranslation.

Legal translation is required for

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Court litigation 
  • Legal Notices
  • documents power of attorney 
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Legal consents
  • Notice of Eviction
  • Witness Statements
  • Immigration documentation
  • Articles of Association
  • Court Minute
  • Formal reports, etc 

How to reach the best translations company in Dubai 

When you expand your business or residence beyond borders, you need to communicate with local companies and global organizations, investors, business partners, stakeholders, and clients. You have to hire the services of a language solution company who gives

  • Precise and meticulously translated documents, a hundred percent correct and protected.
  • Who has certified linguists, experts, and having knowledge in their particular field?
  • Services are checked and reviewed by a quality manager who should be a native speaker of the required language.
  • No compromise over context and meaning, tones, and styles, with no ambiguity.

Bottom Line

Dubai is ideal for visitors belonging to various countries. For multi purposes like business, tourism, medical facilities, and education foreigners are always in need of translation companies who have command on desired languages. So many legal and well-organized companies are there to fulfill the requirements. 

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