5 Facts about Solar Energy in California

California has hot days most of the time, that’s why it’s a good place for solar panels. Solar panels can give several benefits that’s why most residents are shifting to solar energy as a source of power. Solar energy in California is expanding since more and more people are getting aware of its effect on the environment. Before you get that solar panel installed, it’s good to know more about it so you can weigh its advantages and disadvantages. 

Here are 5 Facts about Solar Energy in California

Rooftop solar panels can potentially save you $20,000 – or more!

Solar panels have a high upfront cost, that’s why some people are hesitant to have them, but did you know that you can save a lot if you shift to solar energy usage. This is because you can cut down your bills to up to 100% depending on how many solar panels you will be using and if you decide to go 100% solar. Imagine how much you can save over the years as you use solar energy instead of utilizing energy from the grid. The average savings one can make is $20,000 for 20 years since solar panels can last up to 25 years. 

A residential solar system can cut 100 tons of CO2

When non-renewable sources are used for power, they emit toxic gasses that can increase pollution. They are usually composed of nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, or sulfur dioxide. These gases can cause damage to the environment that’s why the use of renewable energy is being encouraged to lessen the toxicity being released every time a non-renewable source is used to produce power. Solar energy produces very minimal greenhouse gases and using them can cut 100 tons of CO2, which is already a big amount to help the environment recover over time. 

The weight of solar panels is minuscule

Solar panels are mostly placed on the roof since this is the place where the sunlight strikes the most. Homeowners need not worry since they are designed to be lightweight so they won’t be too heavy for your roof. A solar panel weighs around two to four pounds per square foot, so its weight is bearable and they are designed to be able to be tolerated by the roof structures. Before your solar providers install your solar panels they inspect to make sure that your roof can be able to handle them. Plus structures are placed to make it more sturdy.

Solar panels can boost home values

Solar panels are considered an investment since they can help you earn money instead of just paying your bills. Solar panels can increase the market value of your home, so whether you are planning to sell your home or not don’t hesitate to have a solar panel installed. You can still get your upfront cost back in 5 to 7 years with the savings you can get from not paying a high bill or getting it back once you sell your home. 

The Earth receives enough sunlight in one hour to power the world for one year

The world receives enough sunlight t be able to power the entire world, it actually needs one hour to do this. 174 petawatts of incoming solar radiation are received by the upper atmospheres reported by Conserve Energy Future. 70% is absorbed by clouds, land masses, and oceans while 30% is reflected into outer space. This means there is enough energy to supply the need for solar energy. That’s why solar energy is considered abundant and this is one reason why solar energy can be a cheaper source compared with non-renewable ones. 

Knowing these 5 facts about solar energy in California can motivate you to get solar panel installation for your home. You can reap the benefits and be able to he;p the environment receiver as well. It’s a win-win situation, you may have to pay a high upfront cost but it will be worth it. Will all the benefits you can get then you won’t regret getting that solar panel installation. Plus solar energy can be better than non-renewable sources of power. So shift to solar energy now so you can start earning the savings you can get. 

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