Yellowstone: Best Jackets from the Series to Give You Sturdy Look in 2020

Yellowstone: Best Jackets from the Series to Give You Sturdy Look in 2020

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If you are one of those who haven’t discovered Yellowstone, what are you even doing with your life? A western classic of drama may have faced a decline in the past few years, but Yellowstone has set new records in the prestigious television world.

Along with the real storyline, best actors, and the fine cinematography, Yellowstone Jackets also captured the people’s attention. This show proved that you don’t need the lavish styles of vivid colors to make statement clothing.

This series the play about the intensifying pressures of the strong cattle rancher family name Duttons. Together with the Native American reservation, fights with enthusiastic land developers, and the Yellowstone National Park in their courtyard — has become one of the most famous TV series to watch on cable.

Season one of the series got off to a shaky start; it received mixed reactions for burdening a remarkably brilliant cast with the often overdramatic script. But in the second season, the show has its stability with all the high-risked controversies.

It filmed the cowboy conflicts from old movies in a stunningly attractive up-to-date scenery. With spectacular visuals, a captivating plot, and Kevin Costner featuring the head of the powerful Dutton family, this show will make you addicted under the name John Dutton.

The two most powerful onboard characters of this show, the father and daughter duo of John Dutton and Beth Dutton, played by Kevin Costner and Kelly Reilly.


This only dialogue will portray the whole John Dutton character in front of your eyes. He was the most powerful man in the show. John Dutton’s ancestors were ranchers, and they have been through some really tough times to have their land and home in Montana State.

He grew up on a ranch and had developed very strong feelings for his ranch. Later that ranch ownership transferred to him. He got married to Evelyn Dutton, the first and last love of his life. Unfortunately, she died in a tragic accident.

John was a man of his words; his strong facial appearance with deep blue eyes make him one of a kind. He has a life-long obsession with his ranch. His clothing styles consisted of the unique pieces in subtle colors that synced with his blue eyes perfectly.

The important point is John played with the rich colors that worked so beautifully with his skin color and blue eyes, and he often went for darker tones when he became ruthless. John Dutton is nothing but a role model for people who know how to play with tones and embrace inner beauty.

People who want to be like him have to look deeply into his character — feel emotions with him. Glance through events intensely, feel sad for him when he is in pain, or empathy for him when he is worried about the conflicts happening on his ranch.

By only doing this, you’ll get the meaning of his vests and jackets. You’ll realize the hidden meaning beside these colors and have the ultimate change in your wardrobe. The blue vest of John Dutton and the black leather Jacket was the most powerful clothing items from the series.

Especially people who have little resemblance to John’s past can go for these items. They have all the colors with dual meaning. For a man who has passed his prime and is trying to make everything right, it is the perfect choice to go with. That beige jacket with an orange patch covering shoulders and collar has, hands down, won the match for layering on happy days.


Beth Dutton, just like her father, has a powerful influencing personality. She is one of a kind with her fierce personality and enthusiastic nature; she is a warrior. Unlike her father, she works in a bank and has a remarkable personality.

Growing up with three brothers and a father, without any women in life has made Beth rougher and intimidating. She’s that kind of woman who is not afraid of asking for their rights, and not having them, she can snatch them from under your nose.

Beth’s wardrobe reflects her strong style. She has worn mainly printed shirts, and especially the animal print is her favorite one. But the boot-cut pant, which she wore in season three, has uplifted the level of Beth Dutton Wardrobe Season 3.

The blue hooded jacket of Beth Dutton is not unknown for anyone, the best jacket to show the electrifying and energizing personality of Beth. Though she also has a fragile side hidden from the world, which her checkered long-shirt portrayed. 

For a person who loves to wear dresses with hidden meanings and strong influences: Yellowstone is best of all.

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