The general schedule for corn cultivation and Technical works in 2020

The general schedule for corn cultivation and Technical works in 2020

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Today I would like to speak concerning healing and fertilizing sweet corn In a recent video we have a tendency to had a viewer post a matter within the comment section Asking merely why will we heal sweet corn and it got America thinking well Maybe we must always justify that as a result of it had been obtaining simply a right time to heal our sweet corn here behind American state here We’ve got our unbelievable sweet corn growing. we have a tendency to planted that on a previous video with our Hoss Garden Seeder This plot is thirty by thirty-five.

Thus a couple of thousand sq. feet We were able to get ten rows in there together with your row spacing three foot apart And then the in-row plant area on the sweet corn We went concerning four to six inches apart as a result of we’re planting on prime of drip irrigation We can get a better spacing as a result of we will offer those plants all the water they have So nowadays I would like to speak concerning the three reasons for why we have a tendency to heal or throw dirt to our sweet corn Plants and conjointly wish to speak concerning aspect dressing and also the fertilizer requirements in the main atomic number 7 for sweet corn throughout the lifetime of the plant so the initial reason for whereas

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We have a tendency to heal our sweet corn is Weed suppression thus we will take the Hoss Wheel Hoe and cultivate between our rows of corn and keep the weeds Very smallest therewith technique before those in row weeds ar those weeds that pop between the corn plants on the row Those ar attending to be a bit tougher to manage as a result of our corn is spaced thus closely along It’s attending to be onerous to urge in there with a hoe and take away those weeds while not damaging the plants But what we will do to scale back that in row weed pressure is to easily smother those weeds So if we have a tendency to throw dirt on prime of these weeds, we have a tendency to primarily smother them out.

They cannot get any daylight They can’t still grow and they’re going to die They’re beneath that soil as a result of they are buried the second reason we have a tendency to heal our sweet corn is for plant Stabilization if you reside in a locality of the country wherever you’ll be able to get some late spring or early summer thunderstorms and a few high winds You probably had this happen before you have your up and growing nicely You get a storm come back through within the afternoon or at nighttime come out following day and your corn is blown over or leaned over however if we have a tendency to take dirt and Throw it abreast of those corn stalks that is attending to facilitate to stabilize that plant So it’s less probably to be blown over in an exceedingly current of air Situation.

It is also attending to permit those roots to grip into the soil a bit higher Which goes to additional stabilize those plants and also the third reason for healing our sweet corn Is just as a result of it makes it very easy to aspect dress it and apply some granular fertiliser to those corn plants So once we’re aspect dressing our plants What we’re doing is we’re applying some granular fertiliser To that and that we don’t desire to place that granular fertiliser right prime of the plants we wish to place it quite to the aspect of the row there and we would like to require dirt and Cover that fertiliser up and since we’re already throwing dirt to the corn for weed suppression and plant Stabilization

It makes it very easy to travel ahead and place some fertiliser down there, too So we will cowl that up as we’re operating our method on the row our high arch wheel hoe with the plow set attachment within the healing position is that the ideal tool for healing corn on a Smaller scale like this right here our high arch wheel hoe encompasses a gap or area between the 2 tool bars and also the wheels Which goes to permit you to straddle that row of corn the throw dirt to each side in one pass It conjointly encompasses a nice fifteen in. clearance Which goes to permit you to straddle taller plants thus we will wait to the present

Gets a couple of foot a foot and a 0.5 tall before we have a tendency to are available in here and heal or throw dirt to the currently Let’s cite the fertiliser and in the main atomic number 7 necessities for sweet corn So if you are doing a bit on-line analysis, you will find it on the higher finish of the size the urged nitrogen application for sweet corn is 250 pounds per acre Throughout the lifetime of the plant. currently most folks are not growing a complete acre of sweet So we’d like to urge those numbers and a additional apprehensible and practicable format so if we have a tendency to think about the quantity of sq. feet in associate degree acre and do the calculations, we’ll come back up with concerning 5.7 or let’s simply say five-and-a-half pounds of Nitrogen, per 1,000 square measure as i discussed earlier.

This plot behind the American state here is thirty by thirty-five feet So that is roughly cardinal square measure. thus throughout the lifetime of these corn plants, I’m gonna ought to place 5 and a 0.5 pounds of actual atomic number 7 on these corn plants currently We don’t wish to relinquish them that entire Five-and-a-half pounds of atomic number 7 all at just once

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