Acronis Cyber Protect: Complete Review 2020

Acronis Cyber Protect: Complete Review 2020

87 / 100

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is basically a data protection platform.

It’s the single protection solution available in the market today that comes with a backup, anti-malware, disaster recovery, security and management capacities, including–but not restricted to–patch management, hard drive health scanning, and predictive analysis, vulnerability appraisals, remote monitoring of endpoint gadgets, and URL filtering, among others.

At present, Service Providers are in a position to remove complexity and make security the USP of their offerings–while at the same time– boosting SLAs, decreasing churn, and producing more frequent income.

The AI-based application enables network engineers to auto-discover the gadgets the need security, and remotely install protection agents for anti-malware, patches, or desktop support. Administrators may save file changes in real-time and plan backups or anti-malware scans.

Making use of the dashboard, IT security teams may configure reports, and also check backup storage and data protection position. It also allows common users to encrypt cloud backups with a password and an encryption algorithm.

The software guarantees the security of systems from the Net. It does so via obstructing malicious URLs or file download, and carrying-out computer forensic scrutiny, to collect information, including memory dump, a picture of the running procedures, or notarization of images, for additional examination.

Administrators can plan backups of virtual machines, apply delays for every machine inside a given time frame, and restrict the figure of the various backups running at the same time.

Acronis Cyber Protect enables service providers to protect customers’ applications, systems and statistics. The solution is obtainable to small businesses and business customers, via the company’s administered service provider associates.

Key Functions

The platform covers these important functions:

  • Malware protection and vulnerability appraisal for collaboration tools: Zoom, WebEx, MS Teams and every other well-known VPN service.
  • Corona virus fake news blocker and security alerts
  • Remote data wipe and touch-less connection to office machines
  • Standard secure protection plan templates for the manpower outside the office surroundings and built-in VPN capacities

Why Acronis Cyber Protect Is Needed Today?

The days when conventional backup did a rather good job in protecting data are almost over. Now with the rapidly rising complexity of IT systems, and the ballooning volume of data, storing and protecting IT workloads has become rather expensive and complex. When we say, it means not well protected and unsafe.

If we talk about cost and complexity, security often takes a backseat, especially for the IT users or even the administered managed service providers.


Because they don’t have time, and they just require getting the system up and running rapidly, given now numerous employees are doing a job sitting at their homes and working remotely. In such a situation, they may not have adequate time to revisit to check if they are protecting their data, applications, and systems properly.

Against the backdrop of the truth that we all depend on IT, presently, only IT allows us to stay useful while staying at home even as unexpectedly, it has become a fundamental requirement, such as–for instance–food, water, food, air, and accommodation. Still, one can’t depend on any one IT system, minus sufficient protection, making the protection of the IT system a lot important. 

This is where the role of Acronis Cyber Protect becomes critical.

This ground-breaking product combines data protection, cyber security, and management capacities into a single solution–in the process–dramatically cutting down complexity and expenses while, at the same time, offering greater protection.

This integration allows a lone IT person to protect considerably more end-user gadgets, allowing the MSPs to make the home office environments secure.

Solving the Business Difficulties of MSPs

As customers swiftly move from safe & secure corporate IT environments to unsafe home networks, MSPs have a tremendously challenging protection job.

Home networks are typically less secure and these frequently have many other attached gadgets that may not be safe & protected. Malicious agents may exploit these to enter the network.

More importantly, the figure of users and locations, that need protection, balloons enormously, and so does the figure of the gadgets, kinds and editions of the operating systems, and applications.

Operating many different tools on one single system doesn’t work either anymore. To begin with, depending on separate backup, vulnerability appraisal, patch supervision, remote supervision, anti-virus, and anti-ransomware solutions necessitates an MSP technician to know about and maintain every such program.

In addition, many agents may create extra load over the system, and as a result performance may dip and users may become discontented. The possibility for failures and incompatibilities with every update, which requires a major commitment and attention to detail, to keep all of the tools up-to-date and running, also can’t be ruled out.

As mentioned earlier, Acronis Cyber Protect merges every such tool into one particular product, with one single agent, one single management console, and one single license.

Swift learning, hassle-free deployment, and smooth management denote additional hours saved and more clients given protection and support by a single IT professional.

Analyzing Acronis Cyber Protect Further

In case we analyze the application, we can see improvements for backup, efficiency, and security.

Much More Dependable & Safe Backup

For the people, interested in a more reliable and secure backup, the application is the right solution, by combining proactive, active, and reactive protection. Vulnerability appraisal and patch management, elimination of malware from backups, and patching on recovery, to stop repeated infections offer proactive protection against downtime.

Nonstop data protection, active defenses against all kinds of computer viruses and ransomware, and self-defense capabilities that guard the agent and backup storage–each of these provide active protection from all kinds of new and emerging threats.

Integrated disaster recovery, metadata storage for the forensic analysis of happenings, and the capacity to work with other security solutions–these offer reactive protection.

Endpoint Security

The clients interested in endpoint security will get every required capacity in the software. These include real-time anti-malware and anti-ransomware protection, on-demand scanning and malware removal, AI-based pre-execution analysis, behavioral analysis, dynamic detection rules, etc.

Reportedly, one well-known security laboratory ran a pre-release edition of Acronis Cyber Protect against their usual routine for testing anti-virus business solutions.

On a computer running Windows 10 Professional, the organization tested both the position and dynamic detection rates of the application, scanning a bunch of 6,932 malicious Windows executable (PE) files.

Acronis scored flawlessly with a demonstrated 100% detection rate. It also gave a great result in the lab’s false-positive test, with zero false positives.

Exclusive Abilities

This integration of data protection and cyber security also brings exclusive capacities, making the product the only application that can provide an unparalleled level of cyber safety & protection.

Availability of backups not only guarantees data recovery, but also provides for the scanning of cold backup data for all kinds of dangers, creation of whitelists built from backed up data by hostile heuristics, and reliable patching with a choice to revert in case some problems crop-up.

Acronis Cyber Protect also includes productivity boosters for IT specialists, such as swiftly reviewing the protection position of a gadget, via a #CyberFit score, data protection mapping to locate any unprotected important files, and the capability to connect to a remote computer–straight from the management console, making use of RDP.

With Acronis Cyber Protect, MSPs may make the protection and happiness of their customers better, while boosting their own overall output. They also get the chance to multiply their profits, as the total number of the integrated capabilities, obtainable in Acronis Cyber Protect, comes at a lower list price.


Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud pricing begins at $2.50 per month. The application doesn’t come with a free edition. However, a free trial option is available.


The growth of IT needs a new strategy–one that merges the conventionally distinct branches of data protection and cyber security. For the MSPs–tasked with providing these services to their customers–they require a facility that will allow them to keep up.

As an all inclusive but single solution–with a single agent, interface, policies, and management console–the product makes it a lot easier and much more efficient for the service providers, to fulfill the specific requirements of the increasing number of their clients.

Overall, Acronis Cyber Protect is highly recommended today.

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